Meet the Crew

Colby Knapp

In the summer of 82’, two young lovers rippled the earth’s vibration in a ball of Hitchcock coastal sweat creating a life force that would change the course of America forever. The following year, under the water sign of Pisces, an All American Badass, born with balls and braun, part wizard, part pirate, began his quest.

By the age of three, he toured the planet as a concert pianist, and gifted the music world with his creation of the blues scale. By the age of eight, he was a full time cabinet builder, taught jet propulsion trigonometry at Alvin Community College, and dated a cocktail waitress at the Ocean’s Cabaret. Before he hit double digits, he sold Hitchcock Aviation, for a record breaking deal, to what is now known as Southwest Airlines.

In the eighth grade, he was drafted in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys, but turned down the offer to focus on his PGA prospects. After retiring from golf in high school, he had a stint in supercross, but had a leg ripped off, read a book on surgery procedures, and sewed it back on himself. That’s when he turned to academia and was accepted into the prestigious Southwest Texas State University. He taught all his own undergraduate classes, and a few PHD level courses. He was the only NCAA athlete to win a starting quarterback position in all SEC schools, but never formally accepted a scholarship and finished his education at SWT (now Texas State University). He never touched a field, but still plots a return; holding onto his four years of eligibility.

After graduating with top honors, creating the President’s list, tube certification, underwater basket-weaving, Natural Light sponsorship, and earning a two point something GPA, he turned his interest back into the music world. His first studio, Abbey Road of Westminster, was a success and changed the course of country western as we know it.

He quickly became bored with twin-fiddles, mechanical bulls, notes and chords, and switched gears into the film industry. His mentors, GW Bush, The Dali Lama, Elvis, Pee-Wee Herman, Buzz Aldrin, and Oprah, suggested against the movie industry saying it was a waste of time, but he decided that he could give himself to an industry struggling for creativity.

From LA to NYC, ABQ to NOLA, ATX to ATL, the All Amercian Badass has given more than creativity. He coined the terms, “Action” and “Cut”; and added his inventions of the Techno-Crane, Camera Truck, horse wrangler, wrangler jeans, bandit cable, artificial insemination, craft service, and the camera dolly.

Today, he splits his time between a ‘jack of all trades’ position at Film Fleet, and a father to the beautiful Piper Clementine, and Posey James. He’s a loving husband to his gorgeous psychotherapist wife, and even has taught her to mow the grass; although she’s only done it once – because it was so perfect that the grass blades submitted to her excellence for the duration of their lives.

If you have any questions about anything in life, or how to navigate your next production’s transportation needs, give Colby a call. He’ll even help you pull a unicorn from your ass!

Peace be with you.