Ultra 53′ Honeywagon

  • 53’ In Length with (8) Individual Rooms (4 double rooms if converted via accordion walls)
  • (1) Women’s Crew Washroom with (2) Toilets and (1) Sink Station
  • (1) Men’s Crew Washroom with (2) Toilets, (2) Urinals, and (1) Sink Station
  • Solar Panels for Collecting ‘Clean and Green’ Energy
  • Fuel-Efficient Ultra-Quiet 20kw Onboard Generator in Belly Bin with 100 gal Fuel Cell
  • Interior and Exterior High Impact LED Lighting
  • On-Demand Hot Water with Mixing Valve
  • Insulated and Freeze Protected Waste and Fresh Water Tanks
  • Twin 12vdc Water Pumps in Tandem for Dual Redundancy
  • Easy to Clean FRP Walls
  • Stainless Baggage Doors
  • Purified Air System Preventing Spread of 99.99% of Air-Born Contaminants

Each Exclusive Room Features:

  • Custom Anti-Microbial Upholstered Bench
  • Individually Thermostat Controlled Heaters
  • Ducted Air Conditioning with Heat Strips (1 per 2 rooms)
  • Heavy Duty Hospital Grade Vinyl Coin Flooring
  • Stainless Metered Steel Sink with Accessories
  • High Gloss Cabinets with White Meganite Counter Tops
  • Kitchenette Suite Including: Sink, Under-mount Glass Fridge, and Stainless Microwave
  • Large Framed Vanity Mirror
  • Operating Tinted Window
  • Exterior Doors with Frosted Windows
  • 110 VAC receptacle with (2) USB plug-ins
  • Stereo System with Dual Speakers

Crew Restrooms Feature:

  • (1) Men’s Crew Washroom with (2) Hi-Boy Porcelain Toilets, (2) Sloan Eco-Friendly Waterless Urinals, and (1) Metered Stainless Steel Sink Station Plus Accessories
  • (1) Women’s Crew Washroom with (2) Hi-Boy Porcelain Toilets, and (1) Metered Stainless Steel Sink Station Plus Accessories
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